Nazis coming in power.

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Nazis coming in power.

Post by Martin_from_Valhalla » 12 Feb 2021 07:03

Could the rise of nazism happen in Weimar Republic happen, if it hadn't been for communists? Initially, nazis came out of such freikors like SA and SS. There were, of course, other freikors. And a set of problems which led nazis to power was more complex but it was not only for Versailles which made Germans unite having their army limited.

After November Revolution Germans were overwhelmed with revolutionary sentiments and Germany was almost in chaos. Hence a communists's riot in Munich and creation of Soviet Republic there. At that time Soviet bolsheviks led a war against newly created Polish state and Lenin himself said that this war would inflame Germans as the aim of his party was a global communists' state. That scared Germans and they crushed uprising of communists in Munich.

Any thoughts on whether bolshevism had its word in raising of nazism?

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Re: Nazis coming in power.

Post by wm » 15 Feb 2021 22:49

The fear of Bolshevism was the driving force behind the events in 1933, without the (quite real and deadly) communist threat Hitler wouldn't get the Enabling Act and much of the financial and political support he got.

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