Info on Hitler day to day habits etc?

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Info on Hitler day to day habits etc?

Post by headwest » 28 Jan 2021 15:17


I have never really been interested in Hitler, although I just read a Bio on him, my interest is far more the Wehrmacht and military side. The bio, and what I have read parts of in others, seem to contain a ton of the historical dates, times and places, with a heavy dose of the writers thoughts on their perspective, which all seem to be basically the same as well, insane, monster, terrible, charasmatic, a great speaker, etc. so i got to thinking after reading the last one. what is known of him behind the scenes in the day to day? anything?

I guess some questions that popped into my mind were

1) Did he ever have a sense of humor? I read here or somewhere he referred to Eva's dogs as Floor Mops, which I find funny.
2) I find that he liked bowling fascinating. does anyone know where he even learned or when? was it popular in Germany? did he have it built at the berghof for himself?
3) I saw an old pic of him on a sled. did he do anything like ski or outdoor things? camp? hike?
4) things like just clothes, everyday ones. Did he shop himself? was there a tailor he had? are any of his personal clothes or effects still around?
5) what movies did he like? did he see Chaplin's of him? would that enrage him or could he laugh?

I am always interested in the behind the scenes things for any historical figure

I hope its not a touchy subject. i have just never seen anything about the day to day life, likes, etc.

I also wasn't sure where to post this so please feel free to move it.


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Re: Info on Hitler day to day habits etc?

Post by ostland » 28 Jan 2021 21:04

1. Yes, he was very funny. He was very sarcastic and could impersonate others quite well. For instance, he liked to impersonate Reichspräsident von Hindenburg.
2. He liked to play Kegeln, yes. The Berghof had a Kegelbahn. However, he wanted it to remain unknown for he did not want Kegel clubs of the Reich to make him honorary chairman, for example.
3. He used to hike and later on liked to walk in the mountains daily.
4. He had a few tailors, never bought his own clothes since being Führer, never had any money on him as well. There are some effects still out there, yes.
5. He was very much into movies and talked about them often with Dr. Goebbels. For relaxation he liked Hollywood movies. Eva for instance loved “Gone with the wind”, as he once told on the Berghof terrace.
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Re: Info on Hitler day to day habits etc?

Post by Hans1906 » 28 Jan 2021 22:45


Did you ever see Adolf Hitler going to the toilet, probably the Führer had no bowel movement at all...

The infamous Mr. Frank Zappa was suffering from the same problem in the early 1970s.
So, the Führer, and the Freak, they were suffering from the same problem, not able to shit, what a shit!

Disrespectful, very probably, but who gives a shit..!

Hans1906 (1111 postings) :lol:
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