Memory of her neighbor - Adolf Hitler

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Re: Memory of her neighbor - Adolf Hitler

Post by ostland » 09 Jan 2021 19:30

Well... nothing, I guess.
"Merken Sie sich eins; bei uns zu Haus' sind nur die Mannschaften Ostmärker. Die Herren Offiziere sind Österreicher! Servus Doktorchen!"

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Re: Memory of her neighbor - Adolf Hitler

Post by Hans1906 » 09 Jan 2021 21:39


in the german language there is a very typical so-called "saying":

"Jeden zweiten Tag wird eine neue Sau durch das Dorf getrieben!"

If I would have gotten 1,- german "Mark" for every nonsense, written about the former so-called "Nazis", I would be a "Millionaire of Nonsense"
for decades right now, chewing on my nazi gold together with the SS-Robots, and very nasty BDM girls on the backside of the moon! :lol:

But all this is still very nice for the world wide community, sitting on the other side of this very large vacuum cleaner,
"inhaling" all this nonsense...

The paradise of the successful lends itself perfectly to a hell for the unsuccessful. (Bertold Brecht on Hollywood)

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Re: Memory of her neighbor - Adolf Hitler

Post by wm » 09 Jan 2021 23:20

What about that Hitler ... declared that Raubal was the only woman he ever loved.

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Re: Memory of her neighbor - Adolf Hitler

Post by ManfredV » 04 Feb 2021 21:48

"Hitler's grandfather was jewish" . Old nonsense.
But Hitler sells..

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