Dieter Zinke pass away

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Georges JEROME
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Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by Georges JEROME » 07 Apr 2021 18:20

Dear fellow members,

just come to be inform that Dieter pass away this morning

"mein Vater ist heute Morgen nach längerer, schwerer Krankheit verstorben.
Er war in den letzten Monaten nicht mehr in der Lage, seine Emails zu beantworten.

Mit herzlichem dank und freundlichen Grüßen"

I'm sad today. he was a major member of our forum as well in the Phil Nix SS and Police section that in the AHF section . His work, his knowledge he kindly put at disposal of members through his so precise so complete posts.

For 20 years we have developed through AHF a historical and friendly relationship which I will miss.

Best regards


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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by Georg_S » 07 Apr 2021 19:31

Very very sad news!! His knowledge was tremendeus. RIP Dieter

Waffen-SS, SS-TV, KZ/KL SS-Pz.A.A.

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Helly Angel
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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by Helly Angel » 07 Apr 2021 19:47

Terrible!!! I ask God to give Dieter eternal rest, and comfort, love and hope to his family. Very painful loss for the forum.

Helly Angel :(

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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by Michal78 » 07 Apr 2021 19:55

It is very very is a huge loss for this forum and all who are interested in the 3rd Reich history.

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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by lartiste » 07 Apr 2021 19:58

Eventhough I did not know Dieter personally I always appreciated his knowledge and his kindness. Rest in peace Dieter.

Mark Costa
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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by Mark Costa » 07 Apr 2021 20:06

So sorry to hear this news. Dieter was one of the best and I miss corresponding with him. Although we never met I always felt we were friends. We are losing too many of the old researchers. A loss for all of us.

Mark Costa

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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by Andrey » 07 Apr 2021 20:39

I have no words to express the sorrow of this big loss. One of the most experienced and highly professional participants of AHF left.
His knowledge and books were excellent.
Rest in peace Dieter - we will miss you.


J. Duncan
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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by J. Duncan » 07 Apr 2021 20:42

A loss indeed. He was active here I think since the beginning until he left last year? Anybody know how old he was? Bye Dieter.

Max Williams
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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by Max Williams » 07 Apr 2021 20:46

Words fail me. My old friend and fellow author will be missed more than I can say.

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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by George_W » 07 Apr 2021 20:52

Very sad...
Rest in Peace.


Halfdan S.
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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by Halfdan S. » 07 Apr 2021 21:20

Very sad to hear - for those of us who had the privilege to correspond with Oberstab he was very helpful and a fountain of knowledge! Rest in peace, Dr. Zinke.

My thought go to his family and friends
Halfdan S.

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von thoma
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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by von thoma » 07 Apr 2021 22:32

A great loss for the Forum .... an irreplaceable member.
Rest in peace, we will remind you with admiration
" The right to believe is the right of those who don't know "

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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by JoeW » 08 Apr 2021 04:11

All my thoughts have been eloquently expressed by other members here. I can only add that he was a gracious man, always helpful and appreciative of any help given in quest for perfection in his work. It was an honor to known him.

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Michael Miller
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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by Michael Miller » 08 Apr 2021 04:46

Oberstabsarzt Dr. Zinke was a true friend to me and to our community.

The more I think of it, the more it hits me how much we've lost with his passing. But his contributions were vast and will continue to inform and enlighten for years to come.

My deepest condolences to all who knew and loved him.

To all who remain- we old-timers in particular- I want to say, in a general sense, how much I've appreciated you all through the years. I would not have achieved much in this field without your help and encouragement.

~ Mike

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Re: Dieter Zinke pass away

Post by Minotauros » 08 Apr 2021 08:03

It truly saddens me... In the past years I had the privilege to correspond from time to time with Dr. Dieter ZINKE. He was always helpful and courteous. His passion, his work in the field of historical research and contribution to this Forum were just great. He will remain in my memory...

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