Help Translating My Grandmother' German Prison Record

Need help with translating WW1, Inter-War or WW2 related documents or information?
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Help Translating My Grandmother' German Prison Record

Post by FallenRose2517 » 19 Nov 2020 04:19

Hello! I just received a document with information about my grandmother Anastazja Cisewska who was imprisoned at the Prison Hohensalza. Can anyone help translate everything this record states? Also does anyone know anything about why she would have been imprisoned during that time? She was Polish and living near Czersk. I suspect her family signed the Volksdeutche. Thanks!
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Re: Help Translating My Grandmother' German Prison Record

Post by history1 » 19 Nov 2020 15:00


the correct spelling of the last name is "Ciszewska". I´m convinced that you mean that her family signed the Deutsche Volksliste [].
Translations from left to right:
Running number in the prisoners book [entry book]: 951
Entrance date & time: Nov. 2nd 1942, 11am
Personal informations-last name, first name, profession, DOB and POB: Ciszewska Anastazia [correct "Anastazja"], laborer, Feb. 20th. 85 in Kraschütz near Hohensalza [meant is Kruschwitz/Kruswica ~15km SSE of Hohensalza/Inowrocław]
Verdict [literally "punishment decision"], etc.: empty [IMHO as above = April 14th 42; based on the same reference number in the next column
Law enforcement authority & reference number: OSta (Oberstaatsanwaltschaft = ) senior public prosecutor´s office; ZVRS 93-94/42
Sort and, when possible, durance of punishment..: 4 Mon. Strafl. = 4 month penal camp
Time of custody: Beginning: Nov.2nd 42 End: March 1st 43, 6 pm
Date and time of release: March 1st 43, 6 pm
Reason for the release: Strafe verbüßt -entl.[assen] = sentence served -[thus] released.

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