Meaning of "Rauspfeifen"?

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Meaning of "Rauspfeifen"?

Post by Sam Wren » 06 Jan 2019 12:32

I have been unable to find a definite translation for Rauspfeifen although I assume that it approximates to "Raus" + "pfeifen". Online translators translates it as "to whistle" which is the same as "pfeifen" by itself. So, does adding "Raus" to the beginning change the meaning at all? The context:

Gestern meldete ich mich bei den verschiedenen Stellen in der Kaserne an, bekam mein Zimmer mit einem Kameraden. Wie überall bei den Preußen macht der Neue erst einmal einen Tag Dienst als U.v.D.‚ Unteroffizier vom Dienst, der sich um alle Dinge kümmert, organisiert, telefoniert, zum Mittagessen rauspfeift, und, wie heute am Sonntag, eben in der Kaserne bleiben muß.

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Re: Meaning of "Rauspfeifen"?

Post by GregSingh » 06 Jan 2019 23:30

raus could mean "out"

So UvD "whistles out", kicks/throws everyone out (of the barracks) for a lunch/meal
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Re: Meaning of "Rauspfeifen"?

Post by Steve E » 07 Jan 2019 10:47

I think in this instance he walked through the barracks blowing his whistle to announce lunch was ready and the soldiers could go to the lunchroom to eat.

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Re: Meaning of "Rauspfeifen"?

Post by history1 » 07 Jan 2019 13:47

I agree with Greg´s explanation, be aware that "rauspfeifen" is not to be taken literally.
Another term one can stumble pon is "anpfeifen/Anpfiff" what is equal with "to reprimand someone".

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