High Japanese death rate in Pacific island battles

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Re: High Japanese death rate in Pacific island battles

Post by rcocean » 05 Apr 2021 15:33

Delta Tank wrote:
03 Apr 2021 04:07
I will check out War Without Mercy.

Just an aside. "War without mercy" is a badly written piece of ahistorical blather by Dower, an left-wing ex-communist. He tries to establish that America was really, really, Racist. And that Japan was racist - a little bit. And that's why the war was so nasty. That the Sino-Japanese war was even more nasty is never mentioned. Or that the Indians in Burma and the Filipinos fought a nasty war against the Japanese too. All that is ignored, because it was all racism per Dower. A childish way of looking at history, but a popular one for the last 30 years.

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