Tactical Defeat of US marines at Iwo Jima?

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Re: Tactical Defeat of US marines at Iwo Jima?

Post by Delta Tank » 29 Apr 2020 14:03

To all,

I tried to see if this article had been posted on this thread, I could not find it, so I will post it. I did not know that The 147 th Infantry Regiment fought on Iwo Jima. Here is an article about their actions:



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Re: Tactical Defeat of US marines at Iwo Jima?

Post by dgfred » 29 Apr 2020 16:43

Nice. Thanks Delta

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Re: Tactical Defeat of US marines at Iwo Jima?

Post by daveshoup2MD » 11 Mar 2021 05:57

hoot72 wrote:
30 Mar 2020 10:38
Kim Sung wrote:
15 Dec 2006 12:35
Today I've read an interesting article in Bungeishunju (文芸春秋), according to which Japanese tactical victory over US marine at Iwojima can be explained from two points.

First, the Japanese commander Kuribayashi Tadamich forbade his men to commit gyokusai. They fought to the end instead, thus causing enormous loss to US marines.

Second, Kuribayashi didn't apply seashore combat (水際作戦) which usually resulted in slaughter of Japanese soldiers at beaches. Instead, the Japanese waited until Americans landed and take a backlash and constant guerilla warfare.

I know there are other reasons the Americans suffered a huge loss at Iwojima. But these two points are fresh. Any opinions will be welcomed.
How is it a tactical defeat of the US at Iwo Jima when they actually captured it?

Very strange logic you have.

Heavy losses in manpower does not equate to a "tactical defeat" if the objectives are met or achieved./
By the same logic, the Allies were defeated at Rome and the Soviets at Berlin.

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Re: Tactical Defeat of US marines at Iwo Jima?

Post by paulrward » 11 Mar 2021 06:45

Hello All ;

Yup, Iwo was a disastrous defeat for the Marines - slaughtered in the shallow water in their landing
crafts, massacred on the beaches, cut down trying to scale Suribachi, and ultimately driven off the
island by the Victorious Japanese.

So...... Why are these guys smiling ?

Respectfully :

Paul R. Ward
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