Interesting videos of WWI Anti-U-Boat Tactics

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Interesting videos of WWI Anti-U-Boat Tactics

Post by jluetjen » 11 Jul 2021 20:53

I'm not sure if anyone else saw these videos that were released recently.

1) The 1928 movie "Q-Ships", which actually shows many of the tactics used by the Entente against the German U-Boats, not just Q-Ships as the title implies, was recently uploaded to YouTube. Admittedly, the U-Boat interior is obviously a set, but everything else looks fairly authentic (including the exterior shots of a couple of different U-Boats). There are actually some good views of both the search and attack periscopes, although for some reason the director liked to show them both being raised before the U-Boat submerged, which I don't think would be normal operating procedure. The actual interior of a U-Boat is far more cramped and chaotic and wouldn't have left much room for the camera and crew.
2) The second reel starts with an imagined failed U-Boat attack on Scapa Flow, which I found ironic since that is exactly what happened 11 years later when the U-47 did successfully attack Scapa Flow. After that the movie gets down to the title subject of Q-Ships and shows an actual Q-Ship, Captain and much of the crew reenacting how they attacked U-Boats.

3) Naval historographer Drachinifel released a year ago a 23 minute YouTube video covering the subject of Anti-U-Boat warfare in WWI. His videos are always interesting and entertaining.
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