New YouTube Channel Featuring WWI Content

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New YouTube Channel Featuring WWI Content

Post by jluetjen » 12 May 2021 13:08

Hi Everyone;
I finally got my YouTube channel -- "History's Viewpoints" off of the ground. I felt that while there was a lot of internet and written information containing historical narratives, there was a dearth of actual first-person accounts. As a result we were missing the "you are there" telling of the events. I'm also trying cover some of the lesser-covered formations and actions. For example, the Infantry at the Somme is covered by a library, but what sort of information is available about the Cavalry (a personal interest of mine), the Marines or the Pioneers? What did those groups do? What was happening elsewhere away from the headline events? Not every soldier fought at the Somme -- although many did! My objective is to address these gaps with this channel. Members of this forum will recognize the first video (The Battle of Konin) which I've cleaned up and tweaked a bit based on everyone's input from my earlier preview. Also the level of historical research shared on this forum has been a bit of an inspiration to me. :thumbsup:

Initially I'll be starting with the First World War, but I've also got some subjects lined up from other lesser known conflicts.

I'm looking forward to getting up to 10 subscribers! :roll:

Who knows, that may be as far as I get. But sharing some of the results of my historical digging has been an aim of mine, so I'll continue even if I only get up to 2!

Speaking of the Somme, when I get to that subject (teaser: The Seebataillon at the Somme), I'll be using and crediting the voice actor parts that some contributed a few years ago. :thumbsup:

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Re: New YouTube Channel Featuring WWI Content

Post by The Ibis » 12 May 2021 19:28

Nice job jluetjen. Subscribed.
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