Advice needed on German Belts/Buckle

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Advice needed on German Belts/Buckle

Post by Kevin255 » 09 May 2021 07:58

so I want to get an original WWI German Belt buckle on Ebay. Lots available, but the 'buckle' isn't like 'normal' belt buckles I've had. It has like a hooked end to latch the belt. So I need to get a German style belt, and there appears to be some WWII replicas available on amazon, etc.

Which brings me to my question. The belt appears rather wider in width than 'modern' belts. So will it fit in the loops in a pair of pants? And if it can't, would it even work as a belt if I wear it around the waist w/o having it looped into the loops?

All I want is to have a sweet belt buckle and with the way the buckle works, and the belt that is needed to use it, I dunno if I will actually be able to wear it with my pants.

Any advice welcome, I thought maybe I would 'scrunch' the belt width to make it fit through the pant loops, or maybe wearing it tight around the pants outside the loops might work. IDK, I dont wanna spend a bunch of money on this stuff if I cant actually use it.

I thought posting here maybe there's someone who has gone through the same thing, and what worked/didn't work.


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