Muslims in bh Infanterie Regimenter & Feldjägerbataillon

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Muslims in bh Infanterie Regimenter & Feldjägerbataillon

Post by Orok » 29 Mar 2004 22:33

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is ever a reliable estimate as to the percentage of bh Muslim soldiers in the four bosnisch-hercegovinische Infanterie Regimenter and the one bosnisch-hercegovinisches Feldjägerbataillon, especially whether that percentage is larger than the percentage of the then Muslim population in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

I would also like to know who was the highest ranking bh Muslim officer. I heard that bh Muslims were not allowed command beyond that of a company.

Thank you and Best Regards!

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Post by Orok » 01 Apr 2004 19:11

Hi all,

Seems no one has studied this topic. The only Bosnian I know with a name I believe is Muslim is Korporal Rustan Kapetanovic, who earned the Golden Bravery Medal and mentioned in Schindler's Isonzo book. I think he is a Muslim based on his first name, Rustan, which could be the Turkish version of the Persian name Rustam.

I remember having read somewhere a Bosnian officer named Muhibic, which is probably also a Muslim name, but I don't know his first name and rank.

Any information on this topic is appreciated.

Best Regards!

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Klemen L.
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Post by Klemen L. » 03 Apr 2004 15:31

I am afraid I haven't seen anywhere any religious statistics per regiment, so it is impossible to say what was the percentage of the Muslims in each of the for original Bosnian and Herzegowinian Infantry Regiments. However there is a statistic which gives us a percentage of Bosnians for each regiment in 1914 and it is as follows:

* Bosnisch-hercegovinisches Infanterieregiment Nr.1 (Sarajevo): 94% Bosnians (Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims) and 6% various

* Bosnisch-hercegovinisches Infanterieregiment Nr.2 (Banjaluka): 93% Bosnians (Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims) and 7% various

* Bosnisch-hercegovinisches Infanterieregiment Nr.3 (Tuzla): 94% Bosnians (Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims) and 6%various

* Bosnisch-hercegovinisches Infanterieregiment Nr.4 (Mostar): 95% Bosnians (Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims) and 5% various

* Bosnisch-hercegovinisches Feldjägerbataillon: 96% Bosnians (Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims) and 4% various

In 1914, the Muslims made up about 30-40% of the total population of Bosnia and Herzegowina. Majority of them lived in the Sarajevo and Tuzla areas i.e. the Central Bosnia. Knowing this we may assume or calculate that the largest percentage of Muslims was most probably serving in the Bh IR. 1 and Bh IR. 3, closely followed by other two regiments.

The Bh IR. 2 from Banja Luka was also the absolute holder of the record as its men received 42 Golden Bravery Medals (Goldenetapferkeitsmedaille or GTM), followed by Klagenfurter IR. 7 with 36 GTMs, Budapester IR. 32 with 35 and so one. Also the other three Bosnian regiments received their share of glory: Bh IR. 1 boasted itself with 20 GTMs, Bh IR.4 with 15 GTMs and Bh IR. 3 with 10 GTMs. These are quite high numbers because in average the k.u.k. regiments received 8-14 GTMs and only a small numer of regiments could boast with more than 20 GTMs within their ranks.

Here is an ad hoc list of one of the most famous and GTM decorated Bosnian soldiers:

* Hauptmann Gojkomir Glogovac (MMthO holder for his actions in Serbia 1914-1915)
* Oberstleutnant Stefan Duic from III/Bh IR. 2 – Monte Meletta 1916
* Korporal Rustan Kapetanovic-Caric from Bh FJB Nr. 4
* Oberjäger Zajko Zigic from Bh FJB Nr. 4
* Unterjäger Marko Gavranovic from Bh FJB Nr. 3
* Oberjäger Becir Basic from Bh FJB Nr. 6
* Sanitätunteroffizier Osman Dizdarevic from I/Bh IR. Nr. 2
* Korporal Ramo Kadric from I/Bh IR. 1
* Unteroffizier Osman Karaga from III/Bh IR. 1
* Zugsführer Mijo Matic-Pilic from VI/Bh IR. 1
* Patrouillenführer Marko Nedic from Bh FJB Nr. 1
* Gefreiter Mehmed Sarac from Bh IR. 4
* Zugsführer Ahmet Mehmedagic from Bh IR. 3
* Korporal Mustafa Salkovic from Bh IR. 4
* Korporal Nikola Puljic from Bh IR. 4
* Feldwebel Jakob Katinic from Bh IR. 1
* Stabsfeldwebel Mehmedbeg Kulenovic from Bh IR. 1 (I believe we know this man!)
* Unterjäger Hasan Karaic from BH FJB Nr. 6
* Korporal Stevo Kukrika from Bh IR. 2
* Infanterist Serif Miljkovic from Bh IR. 2
* Fähnrich Paul Marinovic from Bh IR. 2
* Feldwebel Simo Andric from Bh IR. 1
* Feldwebel Ivan Begic from Bh IR. 6
* Zugsführer Muharem Dupanovic from Bh FJB Nr. 3
* Infanterist Baskrsija Ilic from Bh IR. 2
* Gefreiter Mujo Ajnic from BH IR. 1
* Korporal Muho Brkic from Bh IR. 4
* Kadett Petar Bolonic from Bh IR. 2
* Infanterist Lazo Oljaca from Bh IR. 2
* Infanterist Sulejman Romalic from Bh IR. 2
* Korporal Lazo Zoric from Bh IR. 2
* Korporal Resid Velic from BH IR. 2
* Korporal Ibro Vehispahic from Bh IR. 1
* Infanterist Ilija Topic from Bh IR. 2
* Stabsfeldwebel Muho Suvalja from Bh IR. 2
* Jäger Tahir Isanovic from BH FJB Nr. 3
* Zugsführer Jovo Jovanovic from Bh IR. 3
* Feldwebel Nazuf Hamzic from Bh IR. 2
* Zugsführer Ivan Majic from Bh IR. 2
* Zugsführer Niko Mandic from Bh IR. 4
* Zugsführer Muto Markovic from Bh IR. 3
* Zugsführer Mahmud Ljaljic from Bh IR. 2
* Infanterist Camil Rejs from Bh IR. 2
* Stabsfeldwebel Alija Mujic from BH IR. 2
* Zugsführer Tomo Milas from Bh IR. 4

and many others.

As you can see you can find on the list all: Muslims, Croats and Serbs. It seems that most of the Serbs were in the Bh IR. 2, which was from Banja Luka, while the Croats were in Bh Nr. 4 from Mostar.

There are three major works about Bosnians in WW1 which I would advise to anyone who is interested in them:

* Werner Schachinger: "Die Bosniaken kommen! Elitetruppe in der k.u.k. Armee 1789-1918"

* Pero Blaskovic: "Sa Bosnjacima u svijetskom ratu 1914-1918 (this book can be considered as some sort of an unofficial regimental history of Bh IR. 3.) – also translated in German language I hear.

* Sigmund Gandin: "Mit dem Bosnisch-hercegovinisches Infanterieregiment Nr.2 im Weltkrieg 1914-1918" (a small booklet about the exploits of Bh IR. 2 in the Great War 1914-1918) – available in German and Serbo-Croatian language.


IR. 29 issue: Xavier, I have been told by a friend from Szeged some years ago that the book about HIR Nr. 29 also contains some material about IR 29. That is why I mentioned it.

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Post by Orok » 03 Apr 2004 15:57

Hi Klemen,

That is really a huge help to me. Thank you so much for the loads of information you've just shared with us, especially the list of GTM winners!

I will start with the standard work Die Bosniaken kommen, I am not doing any serious study but generally interested in this topic, so I have no plan to learn Serbo-Croatian (at least for now 8) ).

Thank you again for your help!

As to the IR 29 issue, I have not read the book. Thank you for let us know this info.

Best Regards!

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Re: Muslims in bh Infanterie Regimenter & Feldjägerbataillon

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