K.u.K. Military Intelligence and Red Cross

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K.u.K. Military Intelligence and Red Cross

Post by verlock » 17 May 2021 09:45

Welcome to all forum members,

Anyone interested in the history of Austria-Hungary is encouraged to read the publication :

Paweł Brudek, Jan Molenda, Jerzy Pająk, Wielka Wojna w polskiej korespondencji zatrzymanej przez cenzurę austro-węgierską, Materiały polskich grup cenzury z lat 1914–1918, Instytut Historyczny Polskiej Akademii Nauk, Warszawa 2018, Tomy I-V.
(The Great War in Polish correspondence intercepted by Austro-Hungarian censorship: materials of Polish censorship groups from 1914-1918)

The publication series includes :
Volume I dealing with the structure and tasks of the censorship of prisoner-of-war letters, camouflaged as an institution subordinate to the Austrian and Hungarian Red Cross, but in reality collecting and elaborating information for the benefit of the Austro-Hungarian military intelligence.

Volumes II - IV include reports from Polish censorship groups and letters of Austro-Hungarian soldiers - Poles (and also prisoners of war) mostly from camps in Russia, but also from Serbia, Italy, England and France. The reports concerned such topics like the moods, political views, and situation of the POW's in the captivity and so their families in the Habsburg Monarchy.

Volume V is an index : personal index, camp index, geographical index. All materials published here come from the Kriegsarchiv in Vienna.

All 5 volumes are available on the internet in Polish: https://rcin.org.pl/publication/173994

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