games like panzer general

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games like panzer general

Post by dasboot » 23 Oct 2002 22:56

I have played and finished the entire line up of panzer general with relative ease. I find that the missions are Challenging but are not long enough. The games are too short. I love the graphics.

Can anyone recommend any games with the same type of gameplay and format.

Where you can control individual units, have certain amounts of movement, etc. I am looking for basically the same type of game, where you see the pieces, but with more strategy involved and with preferably longer campaigns. I love these types of games.


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Post by Victor » 26 Oct 2002 12:59

There are on the web many sites which offer new equipment files and graphics for PC II, campaigns, scenarios, maps the works. The game becomes much more interesting.

Try first at

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Post by Linlu » 10 Nov 2002 21:34


If you like war games, you should get Gary Grigsby's War In Russia (SSI). Pretty cool (not to mention ancient) war game.

Not as graphically pleasing as Panzer General but still cool.


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Post by Polynike » 11 Nov 2002 00:20

try steel panthers:world at war or the operational art of war:a century of warfare

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