Can anyone recommend a good strategic WWII computer game?

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Jean Navarre
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Can anyone recommend a good strategic WWII computer game?

Post by Jean Navarre » 18 Oct 2002 14:35

Sorry because there is another person with a similar matter but ... I prefer strategy (à la Europa Series from GDW/GRD or Third Reich from Avalon Hill), and I wonder if there is a good computer strategic game right now (not only WWII games, but also Napoleonic -à la War and Peace from AH- or ACW). I have heard about Computer World in Flames but I think it does not have AI and it's more a solitaire.

Thanks for your help

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Post by DarthMaur » 18 Oct 2002 16:32

Hearts of Iron. Due in mid-november.

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Post by Caldric » 19 Oct 2002 08:14

Uncommon Valor: War in the South Pacific. Is based around Naval warfare of course, but has all of the Air and Land warfare also. Very, very detailed and the units are very realistic. None can touch it as far as I am concerned.

It is a game, made by Gary Grigsby, and old hand at war games. There is also the older War in Russia, another Gridsby child, and very good if dated graphics.

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Post by GFM2000 » 19 Oct 2002 16:14

I have to admit, part of the fun in some of these wargames is its simplicity. My favoutites remain "Risk" and "Axis and Allies" ; both the boardgame and PC versions were great! There's no need to spend hours pouring over the Rules manuel....

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Post by pumbaa » 22 Oct 2002 06:58

panzer general scorched earth, panzer general 3d. Western Front, Eastern Fornt, Rising sun...these are all strategy games.
battle field 1942, Day of Defeat, medal of honor are all first person shooter games
I makeing a WW2 tank game right now...haven't got the name for the game yet.
I'm wondering if any of u have a top view of a tank or a 3d picture of any tanks, jeeps and even atiliry....Thanx

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