Combat Mission: Barbarrosa to Berlin.

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Combat Mission: Barbarrosa to Berlin.

Post by Capitán » 11 Sep 2002 13:53

I read a preview of this game in Gamespot ... 00,00.html

And as i was reading i´m getting more and more impressed 8O
Then i dowloaded the demo....
And now i can´t stop playing.

Read the rewiew, and sure that you dowload the demo. :wink:

Atkins the feared
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Re: Combat Mission: Barbarrosa to Berlin.

Post by Atkins the feared » 03 Oct 2002 19:13

Yes that demo rocks.
The regular Combat Mission game before that, is very relistatic off acutal war too.
It has the Germany for Axis power and Canada, Britain, USA, France and Poland for allies.

Its one thing to read and argue who had better mitary power, aromer support ect.. then sit down and put it to work.

My buddy has just ordered the new Combat Mission game that was just released.
It has the Russisans in it and cant wait to put my ideas on the T34 against the tigers and panzers.

Check out this site that is set up for wwII games.

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Post by Snorre » 03 Oct 2002 20:26


I have played CMBO a lot and it is really great.

I was very impressed with the CMBB-demo. I like the fact that every detail of balistics is based on real physics.

CMBB also opens for Stalingrad-like scenarios (not possible in CMBO).


S 8)


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Post by subskipper » 08 Oct 2002 19:46

Well, I now have the full version of the game and it's even better then I thought it would be! Retaking Viipuri with two Finnish Jäger companies was probably one of the finest gaming experiences I've ever had. Some more Finnish scenarios and I will be in heaven! :)

~Henric Edwards

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