Zeitzeuge Dr. Otto Wolken im Frankfurter Auschwitz Prozess (1964)

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Zeitzeuge Dr. Otto Wolken im Frankfurter Auschwitz Prozess (1964)

Post by Hans1906 » 01 Sep 2021 18:15

Otto Wolken https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_Wolken (1903 - 1975)

Zeitzeuge Dr. Otto Wolken im Frankfurter Auschwitz Prozess (1964)

Otto Wolken, born in Vienna in 1903, was arrested as early as March 1938 ("Anschluss" of Austria to the German Reich) and deported to Auschwitz on July 9, 1943 (prisoner number 128,828). The SS employed the physician Wolken as a prisoner doctor in the quarantine camp in Birkenau (BIIa). When the Auschwitz camp was dissolved, Wolken remained in the camp with the sick prisoners and was liberated by the Red Army on January 27, 1945. Wolken kept records while still in the camp and, after his liberation, wrote various reports for the Soviet-Polish commission that investigated crimes at the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp.
At the time of his testimony in February 1964, the witness Otto Wolken was 60 years old and lived as a doctor in Vienna


Of course, the statement at the time is hard to take, without question.
I was a little afraid to even post this video here, but maybe you can find a few quiet hours, to listen to all of this...
As far as I personally know, this statement at that time does not exist as a text file, but I am happy to be proven wrong ?
I would like to prefer a set of headphones to listen.
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