Gulag - In the labor camps of the Soviet Union (F 2017)

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Gulag - In the labor camps of the Soviet Union (F 2017)

Post by Hans1906 » 16 Aug 2021 14:24

Probably interesting for the forum:

In den Arbeitslagern der Sowjetunion / In the labor camps of the Soviet Union

Even the Russian tsars had political opponents perform forced labor in camps in Siberia. But in the Soviet Union, the camps took on a new dimension: The Gulag, the network of Soviet penal and labor camps, became a state within a state, whose existence was denied for decades. The prisoners were supposed to make their contribution to the "construction of socialism" there. Instead, many found death.
Link to the Arte topic page

165 + minutes long documentary in 3 parts, online until 18/08/2021. (3 more days)


P.S. Sorry for the unfortunately very late linking, I have this topic on Arte overread.
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