Game announcement: Attack at Dawn: North Africa

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Game announcement: Attack at Dawn: North Africa

Post by jurisnik » 06 Feb 2021 17:41

Ten years ago I've started a deep research of the WW2 North African theatre. That theatre is a true representation of the pendulum of war - frontline swinging from El Agheila to Sollum and backwards, and then forward again all the way to the Nile Delta. I wanted to make a wargame that accurately represents the mobile warfare on the sand. All the logistical problems, all the problems with the mobility and trying to outsmart the enemy.

After a decade of work, I'm proud to announce the upcoming title: "Attack at Dawn: North Africa"! For more details, you can see links below.

Check the trailer:
Visit the webpage:
Wishlist on STEAM: ... th_Africa/

I especially wish to thank the members of this forum who lent me a helping hand in researching the order of battle for the operation Crusader. To see how the research went on - check this AHF link: viewtopic.php?t=181224
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Attack at Dawn: North Africa website:

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