Arte: Yul Brynner - Hollywoods Kahlkopf von Format (2019)

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Arte: Yul Brynner - Hollywoods Kahlkopf von Format (2019)

Post by Hans1906 » 14 Dec 2020 20:00

Another more than excellent TV documentary on the channel Arte:

"Yul Brynner - Hollywoods Kahlkopf von Format" (E: "Yul Brynner - Hollywood bald man of stature")

The link to the docu on Arte: ... on-format/

Excellent docu, he was a very kind person, thrilling, an absolutely "must see", no question!


(Very seldom in the last years, I have seen such a nice documentary about a former movie legend)

* Brunner was an addicted chain smoker since his age of 12 years, he passed away of lung cancer.

** "Liste bekannter Roma / Yul Brynner":
(Wer mag, liest sich dort ein, ist alles sehr "kompliziert"...)
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