Historic RTS WW2 game covering AfrikaCorps

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Historic RTS WW2 game covering AfrikaCorps

Post by henri321 » 18 Feb 2020 23:00

Hi everyone I really loved game from my youth and in recent years I ve played some good RTS historical games but in that recents years I have also started some programing in Unreal Engine 4 and helping some people with it , and also I have learn to make good models in Blender , and I have decided that I will try to make a game but at first I didnt know about what should I make game . But after some time I have realized that if I was always interested in WW2 so I should make a WW2 game but I decided that it wont be FPS because after I saw newest title games claiming to be historic about WW2 but when I saw them I was really disgusted by them . And then after I searched for some good RTS games I found them and I really like them , it were games like Company of Heroes , Company of Heroes 2 and OrderOfBattleWWII . And I decided to make WW2 historic RTS game . So I was decided to make WW2 game but I didnt know on what front should it take place , and after some thinking I was determined to set game in Africa where you would play as Afrika Korps , and also game should be tribute to German comander of Afrika Korps and my favorite general Erwin Rommel.
So I started some resarch but just after I got to first battle after Rommel arrival (battle of Mersa Brega ) I couldnt find any good description of battle and then I found this forum. So I would like to hear advice from profesionals about where should I look for information and to tell me how to create realistic historic game but also not too complicated , and could you look at that game I mentioned Company of Heroes 1 and 2 and tell me if I made game like that how could I improve it for more realism . Thanks for your responses :milwink:

Also sorry if I made some grammar mistakes I am from Slovakia

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Re: Historic RTS WW2 game covering AfrikaCorps

Post by OpanaPointer » 18 Feb 2020 23:19

You might want to look at the British Army in the Western Desert. https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/ETO/Africa/index.html
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Re: Historic RTS WW2 game covering AfrikaCorps

Post by Urmel » 26 Feb 2020 08:09

http://rommelsriposte.com has a lot of after action reports and order of battle data.
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Re: Historic RTS WW2 game covering AfrikaCorps

Post by dgfred » 26 Feb 2020 16:05

Ewww... good one. Thanks U.

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Re: Historic RTS WW2 game covering AfrikaCorps

Post by Lukens » 01 Jan 2022 15:51

You know there’s an official mod on the steam workshop that provides the Afrika Korps as well as maps?

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