The Conspiracy

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The Conspiracy

Post by Demosthenes » 14 Jan 2003 13:10

I know most of the film was made up (it pretty much states that in it), but how viable is this scenario?

(I'm talking about the [Great] film with/by Kenneth Branagh as Heydrich where he and a couple of other nazi guys decides on what to do with the jews)

Heydrich: (has been talking about trial experiments with gas trucks and chambers and has just dropped some numbers "Think about it. we could terminate over 21 000 000 jews in under a year...just think about it"

Everyone gasps a and there is a contemplative silent moment. I'm thinking that one of the guys who've earlier been quite relectuant to give Heydrich this power will shout "YOU MURDERING MADMAN!"

but no. One of the SS guys starts slowly beating the table, and one after one, the others fall in

shit. that was a powerful moment. Branagh has learned a lot through all of his Shakespearefilms. Damnit. this is what they in englishclass call "suspension of disbelief combined with horror"

It is great when in the beginning of the film nobody says anything but "Heil Hitler"

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