Choices for a Remake

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Choices for a Remake

Post by peter_suciu » 05 Jan 2003 04:23

Considering that topics like the Three Musketeers and the Alamo are made over and over, why is it that few WWII movies ever get remade?

While there are some classics that wouldn't be worth remaking like The Great Escape or Bridge on the River Kwai, there are a slew of films that could greatly be updated as huge blockbusters.

My choices:
*The Longest Day -- with Spielberg directing the American airborne sequences, Ridley Scott handling the beach invasions, Wolfgang Petersen directing the German HQ sequences, and maybe Luc Besson taking care of the French parts. Obviously this could be an expensive film but the cast could be amazing.

*Battle of the Bulge -- the 1960s version is terrible (bad acting, bad story, lots of technical mistakes, etc.) but an update could be great with both sides represented including a role for Otto Skorzeny.

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