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Europa, Europa on DVD

Post by Durand » 02 Jan 2003 21:01


For those of you who want to own a copy of Europa, Europa, it is due out on DVD during the first week of March in the US and Canada. For those not familiar with this excellent movie, it is the story of a teenage Jewish boy's survival in war-time Nazi Germany. Solomon Perel fled Germany with his family in the late 1930s. They settled in Poland. When Germany attacked Poland, Solomon's parents ordered Solomon and one of his brothers to flee to the east. Solomon made it to Soviet occupied Poland, where he was put in an orphanage and then became a member of the Komsomol. Shortly after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, Solomon is captured by German soldiers. He assumed a new identity and was accepted by a company of soldiers as a translator/interpreter. He was later sent to Germany to attend a school for the Hitler Youth where he goes on to survive. The movie is based on the true story of Solomon Perel. The book, written by Perel, is also excellent.



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An Excellent Film indeed

Post by The Desert Fox » 04 Jan 2003 05:04

Yes an Excellent film indeed. It was a pretty incredible story that Solomon Perel lived during ww2. A jewish teenager winning an iron cross and being selected for an elite Hitler youth school!
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