Fantastic movie clip download ----- a late Christmas gift.

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Fantastic movie clip download ----- a late Christmas gift.

Post by RedMelody » 29 Dec 2002 07:22

Hello everyone,
this is a very good movie made by two memebers of a virtual squadron of the sim "IL-2 Sturmovik", it has already won quite a good reputation among the simers and their circle.
it is a very very moving movie, hope you will like it.
A late Christmas present from I/JG54
Authors: I/JG54_SerpentBlade, I/JG54_XPC

download here (24Mb)


it is about 24MB big, if there's anyone want to make a smaller version, p please feel free to, I guarantee you it worth the time downloading!

[other mirror and smaller versions for dial-up users to enjoy]

Sir OberstWiley has generously edited the film to produce a version of reduced resolution that is not as sharp but more download-friendly. It mirrored on his website: ... ePage3.htm

The full version is here: ... MbPage.htm

Here are direct links to the mirrored files on the same server. right-click and select "Save Target As..." to avoid direct loading by Windows Media Player. ... G54Ave.WMV (8 MB) ... M_705k.wmv (24.5 MB)

Best regards


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The Desert Fox
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Post by The Desert Fox » 04 Jan 2003 05:10

very nice Screen shots.

The Desert Fox

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