Actors who fought during wartime

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Re: Actors who fought during wartime

Post by Richard Anderson » 06 Nov 2021 03:09

Hans1906 wrote:
05 Nov 2021 19:36
Hans Cristian Blech
In 1941 Blech was drafted into the Wehrmacht and served as a soldier in the German-Soviet War. The distinctive scars on his face are not, as is often read, from the Second World War, but from a car accident on Darmstadt's Luisenplatz, in which Blech was involved as a 14-year-old.
The German "soldier" per se, in very many movies...
Reminds me of a Marine Corps drill sergeant I once knew...and, oddly enough, I remember the Luisenplatz and "Lange Ludwig" in Darmstadt very well. Fascinating to know he was in a prewar car accident there.
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Re: Actors who fought during wartime

Post by Hans1906 » 08 Nov 2021 16:31


I think, only someone like Herr Blech, who himself had gone through such a "school", only such a person could shine in this role.

This can certainly be compared with the many years later role of Mr. R. Lee Ermey (Vietnam Veteran) in "Full Metal Jacket".
You don't just "play" such a role, you have experienced comparable things yourself. That's what makes the authenticity of a few films.

But that's just as a personal thought on the subject, that's all it is. :wink:

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