just out of curiosity...

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Oleg Grigoryev
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just out of curiosity...

Post by Oleg Grigoryev » 08 Nov 2002 09:44

have any of you ever given a thought of waching Soviet or CIS war movie?:)

Joshua Keppler
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Post by Joshua Keppler » 11 Nov 2002 11:37

Yes, Oleg, I watched some Soviet-made war movies and i was extraordinarily impressed by them. first of all, I remember a kind of this movie when I was a child, in a Bucharest cinema. I dont remember much of the intrigue, I just liked the explosions, tanks, fireworks etc. During communist ages in Romania, Soviet war movies could have been watched in all cinemas. I also remember a very good Soviet series, with Russian excellent actors, regarding the last days of Hitler (Ghitler, as you say). My favourite Soviet movie is called (in Romanian translation) "Ballade of the sodier", made in the '50s. It-s about a soldier who knocks out two tanks on the battlefield and his superiors give him a permission of 5 days. The problem is that, in Russia, the distances are so long, that the soldier spends his all 5 days on the road. He manages, in the end, just to see his mother, for a few seconds, embrace her and then he qiuckly returns to front. By the way, have you ever seen a Romanian war movie? Best regards.

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Dan W.
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Post by Dan W. » 11 Nov 2002 22:19

I really don't know of any Russian war movies except one, and that is some movie about the Eastern Front as seen through the eyes of a child, called Come and See, and I have heard that this is a good movie. Someday I will buy it and see for myself.

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