Small Rockets

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Oleg Grigoryev
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Post by Oleg Grigoryev » 01 Oct 2002 19:41

Scott Smith wrote:
A-Bomb wrote:What about the russian katushas? or however its spelled.
The BM-13 Katyusha "Stalin Organ" was a mobile multiple-rocket launcher, which could fire sixteen 82mm rockets in ten seconds. The advantage is that a lot of firepower is delivered in a short time, unlike with an artillery piece, which allows time to take cover when the first rounds start to fall.


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Oleg Grigoryev
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Post by Oleg Grigoryev » 01 Oct 2002 19:45

also BM-31 Image

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Post by Erich » 01 Oct 2002 22:54

A-bomb :

first use of rockets was with II./JG 11 using the Bf 109, then Fw 190's of JG 1 and JG 26 this all happeining during May of 1943.

the first useage of the twin launchers on Bf 110G-2 was: :idea:

Die erste Bf 110G-2 mit Rütsatz (M 5), 2x2 WGr. wird Ausgeliefert....15.8.43


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Post by Xanthro » 01 Oct 2002 23:12

If the R4M had come out a year or two earlier, it would have been a long war indeed.


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Robert Hurst
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Small German Rockets

Post by Robert Hurst » 05 Oct 2002 11:31

Hi A-Bomb

The following Air-to -Ground Rockets were used by the Germans during the war.

Panzerblitz (Tank Ligntning) Series

Pb.1 This was a modified 78 mm Rocket Projectile. It was launched from rails of 2' 3 1/2'' length. Racks to carry eight rockets were used on Fw 190's of the Schlachtgeschwader.

Because it was necessary to reduce flying speed to just over 300 mph during the launch of the rockets, these aircraft became easy prey for AA guns.

Pb.2 This was a modified R4/M missile with a hollow charge warhead, capable of penetrating 180 mm of tank armour. It was used by Fw190F-9s on the Eastern Front from December 1944 onwards, launched from racks which carried 12 or 14 rockets.

Pb.3 This was also a modified R4/M rocket, which had an enlarged and highly sensitive warhead. Maximum speed was increased to 1,869 ft/sec. Only a few experimental examples were used.



Length: 2' 3 3/4''
Weight: 14.5 lb
Calibre: 78 mm
Speed: 1,227 ft/sec
Weight of explosive: 1.5 lb


Length: 2' 8''
Weight: 11.75 lb
Calibre: 130 mm
Speed: 1,212 ft/sec
Weight of explosive: 4.5 lb


Length: 3' 2 1/4''
Calibre: 55 mm
Speed: 1,869 ft/sec
Weight of explosive: 13.9 lb

Sorry about using imperial measurements.



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Want to know more

Post by Germania » 16 Oct 2002 17:31

If you want to know more about the german Nebelwerfer Groups here is an good magazin about the theme Waffen-Arsenal Special Band 15 Deutsche Nebelwerfer an der Ostfront 1941-1945 von Michael Foedrowitz ISBN 3-7909-0670-0 it will cost arround 13Euro or 12 $! An excellent mag with high quality and good photos and texts about including tactical signs of the Werfer Regimenter!

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