German bombs

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German bombs

Post by Erik E » 12 Aug 2002 21:24

We often hear about the allies huge bombs, like Grand slam, "block buster"
and Tallboy.
Did the Luftwaffe have any equals???

This is the only clue I have found so far:
One of the largest bombs dropped in this country (GB) to date, was found unexploded in Newton and Nicholson's premises, Templetown.
It was a 1,800kg general purpose bomb, recognised as a 'Satan' and it had
penetrated 45' made up of 20' straight drop and 25' jink.
Any technical info on "Satan"?


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Post by AirborneAllTheWay » 13 Aug 2002 01:19

Found this Luftwaffe Resoure...

SC 1800 & SC 1800B
Type: General Purpose
Over-all Length: 147.9 in.; (B) 137.7 in.
Body Length: 107 in.; (B) 106 in.
Body Diameter: 26 in.; (B) 26 in.
Wall Thickness: 0.5 in.; (B) 0.5 in.
Tail Length: 55.2 in.; (B) 44.7 in.
Tail Width 36.0 in.; (B) 26.0 in.
Filling: 40/60 Amatol, TNT, and Trialen 105
Fuzing: 28B; (B) 28B or 25B
Color: Sky blue over-all with a yellow stripe on the tail cone.
The SC 1800-kg. bomb has the same general construction as the SC 1000 and SC 1200 series. It is fitted with a single fuze pocket.
The tail unit is constructed of sheet steel. The four fins are braced with diagonal bars on the SC 1800B model. The SC 1800 series has the central TNT exploder tube like the SC 1000.

Horizontal, using the H-Type suspension lug.

If filled with Trialen 105, the following will be stenciled on the case.
"105" "Bei Abwurf auf land nicht im tiefangrift und nur o. V." (Not to be released from a low height on land targets; always nondelay).

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Post by Erik E » 13 Aug 2002 17:50


I didn`t think of that page.......


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Post by b_c_ries » 14 Aug 2002 05:33

I believe the the Germans used more efficient explosives in their bombs so that a German bomb of a given weight would have a bigger boom.
If 70 grains of IMR 4064 in a 7.92x57 case behind a 197 gr. fmj is too much then 85 grains should be just right.

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