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Discussions on the equipment used by the Axis forces, apart from the things covered in the other sections. Hosted by Juha Tompuri
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pointer to pictures

Post by kobold » 11 Aug 2002 07:00

in alt.binaries.amp there are some very nice ww2 pics at the moment.

Aircraft (usa and several axis nations).
look for GrayCreek_WW2_AirForce.

I also found these 4 tank pics, including 2 nice closeups of a panther with Zimmerit, and a cut away king tiger.

(all 500k each)


http://www.walkerboyz.pwp.blueyonder.co ... r_01xx.jpg

http://www.walkerboyz.pwp.blueyonder.co ... er_01x.jpg

http://www.walkerboyz.pwp.blueyonder.co ... er_02x.jpg

http://www.walkerboyz.pwp.blueyonder.co ... er_01x.jpg

Mark V
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Post by Mark V » 11 Aug 2002 10:13


Nice pics, thanks.

Mark V

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