BUZZ Bombs doodlebugs V-1, V_2

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BUZZ Bombs doodlebugs V-1, V_2

Post by pdhinkle36ID » 09 Jul 2002 02:03

rootsweb forums are asking about V-1, V-2 bombs. My reading of history includes: The radio controled bombs used at Salerno a V-1 type weapon, they sank 2 or more ships.
later they had the V-1 strikes on UK from Germany and other countries, about the time of D-day, then while the allies were on the borders of Germany strikes against the Liege- Antwerp area.
All V-2 weapons were used against England from the summer of 1944 to the end of the war.
I know I can rely on more input from this forums users, thanks.

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All about A-4 (some call it V-2)

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