Afrika Korps long-range binoculars.

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Afrika Korps long-range binoculars.

Post by harry1 » 10 Apr 2021 20:46

I am looking for more information on the long-range binoculars/telescopes used on fixed tripods upto and during El Alamein (see example attached).

What was the visible range and distance with which they could see enemy forces?

Did any include night-vision?

Thank you.
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Wat Tyler
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Re: Afrika Korps long-range binoculars.

Post by Wat Tyler » 11 Apr 2021 16:32

As far as i know they could be what are described as antiaircraft flak binoculars . Produced by Zeiss , 10x magnification with an 80mm front optic. I don't know about any night vision but the large optics would be an advantage there.

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Re: Afrika Korps long-range binoculars.

Post by Jocktamson » 23 May 2021 09:56

This is a triple turret monocular, sometimes known as a Carl Zeiss Zeiss Asembi made in binocular form as well, the only pair i have seen were made by Carl Zeiss Jena although i believe the Italians made a similar model, but no where as good optically, magnification of 12x20 and 40 by 80.

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