Zeltbahn Rope knots

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Zeltbahn Rope knots

Post by Kronos9 » 15 Mar 2019 18:02

Hello, first time posting in this forum, I recently bought a repro Zeltbahn from RUM, I also bought some rope for the corners of it, I was wondering how they can be attached to the zeltbahn, I cannot seem to find any information on this, thanks for reading. :D

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Re: Zeltbahn Rope knots

Post by Y Ddraig Goch » 16 Aug 2019 12:38

I've just this minute attached mine! haha. Its the two small o-rings above the large one, thread it through both o-rings and tie knots at either end, google, "attaching rope to zeltbahn" and click to photos, you should see photos to help.
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