28cm Kanone K5 M-zubringerwagen

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28cm Kanone K5 M-zubringerwagen

Post by EPOCH3 » 15 Mar 2018 20:45

Hi - last year I helped a friend figure out some details regarding
the munitionszubringerwagen (munitions transition wagon)
for the K5. This wagon was self powered and was used for moving
ammo and powder from ammunition storage wagons stationed behind
the gun as well as transporting the generator unit during travel.

Another Internet friend was asking questions about the wagon so
I thought I would just post these reference pics of the 3D model I
did for anyone considering building one - have a few details to
illustrate yet but basic layout is there and showing what was inside.
I'll add a cut-away of interior when I get a minute -

Regards & Happy Modeling
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