Huge Collection of RARE SS Photos Now For Sale!

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Huge Collection of RARE SS Photos Now For Sale!

Post by richcarrick » 06 Jun 2020 14:59

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago some of the forum members were kind enough to help me identify a few individuals from a large collection of original Waffen / Allgemeine SS photos.

These are now coming online on eBay. As I type this about 90 are listed, but by the time everything is live tomorrow there will be over 500!

Around 300 are SS, then there are also Fallschirmjager, RAD, Wehrmacht, Gebirgsjager (as well as some genuine Soviet photos of the ruins of Berlin, some aviation photos, some signed photos) - single photos, job lots, original negatives and more. This is one Hell of a collection!!

So, jet on over to my selling page and check them out. They are all live for a week, all are auction items and I will ship to most places Worldwide. ... =192&rt=nc

I have asked a few of the moderators and they said this post was OK. I sincerely hope it is, because i know there are some passionate collectors / authors here who would love these pictures. I've been asked by several for private sales, but I think to be fair to everyone and give everyone an equal chance to own them, I should auction off the whole lot.

Good luck!


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