Rangefinder EM 4 MR 40 Models

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Rangefinder EM 4 MR 40 Models

Post by remmenconservation » 20 Aug 2014 20:05

Dear All

I have made a series of detailed 3D prints of a technical drawing of the rangefinder EM 4 MR 40, with additional 12X60 telescopes.
The details on these prints are very good and these are the only models of these rangefinder we know of.
I can print them up to size of 40cm wide and 18cm in height (mounted on tripod). The adjusting wheels can be turned, the 12X60's can be taken of and the rangefinder itself can be taken of the tripod.

I can send this model (size 40cm wide, 18cm height), made of white ABS for the price of 250 EUR (shipping not included). If desired I can add a very realistic 'Dunkelgelb nach muster' acrylic paint for the price of 10 EUR incase you want to paint it yourself. People who are interested, please send me a private message. I can make smaller models who are more cheap, but the detail will be lost to some extent. I have added some pictures of two models I made, please note that these have some minor adjustments that needed to be fixed. The new prints will for example have the same angle on telescope and rangefinder.

Please note that I am not a commercial model maker, but have made the drawings for a restoration assignment and made a 3D print for myself. This print turned out so well that I decided to share it with others.

Kind regards

Klaas Remmen

ps: It's the rangefinder on these links:
http://www.maquetland.com/article-photo ... -bruxelles

http://www.surfacezero.com/g503/data/50 ... b87_3.jpg

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