Books on EBAY: Bloody Streets, CITADEL Vol.1, etc.

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Books on EBAY: Bloody Streets, CITADEL Vol.1, etc.

Post by tim Whistler » 18 Jul 2014 01:47

My Name is Tim Whistler and I've been collecting books for quite a while, I happen to need some spare $$ so I put 4 books on EBAY a few days ago, they're fairly rare and I started 'em at low prices, they are:

BLOODY STREETS by Stephen Hamilton
OPERATION CITADEL Vol.1 the South from JJF publishers
TIGERS IN COMBAT volumes 1 & 2 also from JJ Fedorowicz publishing.

my seller name is Tim Whistler or just search EBAY for the book titles to find them.

I have a number of other rare books that I will be posting soon, as long as no one has a problem, I'll post a notice here when I post them on EBAY.

thanks very much,

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