ORIGINAL Wehrmacht NCO boots galore!

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ORIGINAL Wehrmacht NCO boots galore!

Post by Jakk325 » 08 Jul 2014 12:36

Hello All! This is my first post on this forum :)
I recently bought 5 pairs of original Wehrmacht boots from a German attic. One pair wasn't worth photographing due to the poor state. Here are the other four pairs, they're really interesting and I wish only they could speak and tell their story. On Facebook I am selling these boots, but considering this is my first thread I would like this to be an informational thread. So enjoy the pictures! Any questions, just ask!
P.S. Sorry for the red writing on all the pics.. Like I said I am selling them through Facebook and rather than uploading the original pics (which are massive) I'd rather just use these ones.. I hope it doesn't bother you too much!

Here is the first and most interesting pair. They have seen extensive combat and the many period repairs show it! Inside these was a moth bitten peice of cloth, delicate, but most likely used for polishing them. The leather is still relatively good condition but sadly I couldn't find any stamps or anything. The boots pulls on the inside have been repaired too.

Next there is a seemingly mint condition pair of Wehrmacht boots. Like all of these, this is private purchase with the date (1933) and maker's logo still intact. They come even with shoe wooden shoe forms. Nevertheless these are extremely interesting because they must have been worn during the transitional period. Perhaps by a Reichswehr officer? I don't know, Considering they were found amongst the other boots in this attic I think perhaps they are a father's boots... Who knows. Enjoy the pics!


Here is a pair of Wehrmacht NCO boots. They don't have hobnails, but they have iron heels and pegged soles. Typical NCO boots in design. Still very supple leather. When they arrived this pair was particulary stiff, but I used a hell of a lot of polish and the stiffness went. They are actually very comfortable :) :) :)

This pair of Wehrmacht boots. Now, these may cause somewhat a controversy due to their rubber heel. These are not Post-War.. Originally having a £0 budget as a 14 year old boy wanting to get into reenacting I meticulously researched post-war boots, hoping to find cheap lookalike to portray Wehrmacht. And as a result I've own many different types of post-war boots since. I still own a variety of post war boots, 1960s police boots, DDR boots, Wachtbattaillon boots, KVP boots oh you name it, I've either tried to buy them or own them. I even once owned a pair of the pre 1964 DDR boots which had leather soles with wooden pegs (and rubber oversoles + heels) and I can assure you these are nothing like them. What we must remember is that not every pair of Wehrmacht boot is textbook, most of mine have had repairs to the boot pulls, given them odd exterior stitching anomalies. NEVERTHELESS please enjoy these pics!

Okay that was NOT the last pair lol. I have sold this pair long ago, but here's an example of Wehrmacht boots which were drafted into military service after the war. Everything about them is textbook Wehrmacht parade boots. But obviously they were repaired Post-War

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I have sold many boots before, many post-war and many wartime boots. I would just like to upload the above gallery to show y'all. Have a good day!

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