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Re: For Sale: Digitized Photos & Records from NARA

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I have 26 new products for sale this month.

For information on my other products, please download the complete catalog here - ... _2019_.pdf

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World War I Documents

Various US Army Manuals 1917-18
Eleven manuals: “Staff Manual”, 1917, “Specimens of British Trench Orders” 1917, “Combat Instructions” 1918, “Landscape Sketching” 1917, “Notes on Signal and Illuminating Devices and the Apparatus for Projecting Them” 1917, “The Means of Communication between Aeroplanes and the Ground” 1917, “Telephone Listening-in Service” 1917, “Report on the Perception of Subterranean Sounds and the Plotting of Subterranean Work” 1917, “Instructions Concerning the Organization of a Line of Communication for Intensive Traffic” 1917, “Notes on Railroads and Mechanical and Wagon Transport” 1917, and British manual “Meterological Notes and Instructions for the Use of Observers” 1917. $15

World War II Allied Documents

German Underground Military & Industrial Facilities 1945
Fifteen technical intelligence reports prepared by the U.S. Naval Technical Mission describing various underground and bombproof military and industrial facilities in France and Germany. The reports are 3 - 20 pages long with charts, diagrams, and photographs. The reports are: Inspection of Robot Bomb Facility at Thil, France; Inspection of Underground Factory at Audun Le Tiche, France; Underground German Liquid Oxygen Plant at Wittring near Saarguemines, France; Underground Torpedo Workshop at St. Cloud, France; Bombproof Aircraft Assembly Plant (Weingut II near Landsberg, Germany); Inspection of Personnel Anti-Bomb Shelters, Bonn, Germany; Oil Storage Construction near Kiel, Germany; Fabrik Hessisch, Lichtenau, a Camouflaged Explosives Plant; The L.F.A., Volkenrode, an Aerodynamics and Ordnance Research Laboratory; Underground Factories and Storage Depots in Salt Mines (Harz Mountains, Germany); Underground Factory in Existing Mine (Roigheim, Germany) Underground Factories at Niedersachswerfen and Woffleben (Mittelbau-Dora); Construction and Planning Features of German Airfields; German Camouflage; Regulations Governing Construction of Bombproof Shelters. $15

Captured German Records

T-77 Roll 636: OKW War Material and Weapons Reports 1939-41
DVD with 1,988 images of periodic statistical reports from the OKW Wehrwirtschafts- und Rüstungsamt covering the losses of men, horses, motor vehicles, weapons, and other equipment; consumption of munitions and fuels; prisoners and military booty taken; and general evaluations of the supply situation, 30 Aug 39 – 22 Feb 41. $25

T-77 Roll 784: OKW Quartermaster Staff Section Files 1941-42

DVD with 832 images of files of the OKW Wehrmachtführungsstab concerning organizational preparations in Rumania for the attack on Russia, 23 May – 17 June 41 and correspondence and other documents concerning supply and shipping to Norway and Finland, Sep 40 – Dec 42. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. $15

T-77 Roll 867: OKW North & South End of War Files Feb-May 45
DVD with 484 images of depositions and other key documents concerning the death of Hitler and the succession of Dönitz, lists of Army Generals and General Staff Officers, Apr-May 45; interrogations of Field Marshal Jodl, General Peters, and Oberst Hamberger by the Allies, 19-22 May 45; telegrams on the last days of the war and the capitulation in Norway and Denmark, 4-21 May 45; messages about the supply and food situation in Bavaria and Austria, 21 Apr – 19 May 45; maps, charts, and documents on the communication system in Austria and the last OKW movements and surrender, Feb-May 45; local surrender arrangements in Austria, 6-22 May 45. This a short roll. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. $10

T-78 Roll 492: Foreign Armies East Intelligence Files 1943-45
DVD with 1,366 images of Einzelnachrichten des Ic-Dienstes Ost, Nrs. 13 – 41, 2 Jun 43 – 10 Apr 45; communications from Fremde Heere Ost to the OKW Staff concerning with the economy of the USSR, 13 Jan 43 – 25 Oct 44; a booklet containing translations of military writings of the Red Army and Navy concerning the economy, 6 Nov 44; several Red Army orders of battle issued by Fremde Heere Ost, summer 44 to Feb 45; documents with cross-sections and performance characteristics of Russian armor, 1941; assessments of Soviet forces opposite Heeresgruppe Weichsel, AOK Ostpreussen, Heeresgruppe Kurland, and Panzer AOK 3, 19 Apr – 7 May 45; statistics on the Soviet production, losses, and import of aircraft, tanks, and artillery, Jun 43; charts showing Soviet armored vehicle production, losses, and imports, Jan 44 – Jan 45. $25

T-79 Roll 46: German Army Area (Wehrkreise) VII Army Build-Up Files 1938-39
DVD with 1,226 images of files concerning the formation and build-up of the army in the Munich area. Includes two order of battle documents – “Gliederung der Truppen des Heeres ab 6.10.1938” and “Gliederung der Truppen des Heeres ab 19.9.1939”. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. $20

T-312 Roll 645: 16th Army War Diary (Kriegstagebuch), Russia Jan-Mar 44
DVD with 1,356 images of daily messages and orders, Jan–Mar 44. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. $20

T-312 Roll 1692: 11th Army War Diary (Kriegstagebuch), Russia Apr-May 42
DVD with 1,128 images of reports and orders concerning operations, order of battle, re-organization, and supply of 11th Army units in the Crimea and Sevastopol, appraisals of the enemy situation, and maps and overlays, 23 April – May 42; operations plans, reports, and orders concerning operations during the attack on Sevastopol, 12-25 May 42. $25

T-312 Roll 1693: 11th Army War Diary (Kriegstagebuch), Russia May-Jun 42
DVD with 1,041 images of reports, orders, and experience reports concerning operations and order of battle of units in the Crimea, 16 May – 8 Jun 42; reports and orders concerning operations during the battle for Sevastopol, order of battle, casualties, and anti-partisan actions in the Crimea, 9-22 Jun 42. $25

T-314 Roll 233: IV Corps War Diary (Kriegstagebuch), Russia Dec 42 – Mar 43
DVD with 1,305 images of reports concerning the Soviet attack across the Don River, enemy tank assaults, and reports on unit tactical operations, 23 Dec 42 – Mar 43; activity reports concerning German and enemy activities including German Flak and tank employment, includes maps and overlays of operations, 23-31 Dec 42; operations reports on combat strength, prisoner of war statements, information about tank activities, maps showing enemy and own position, order of battle charts, Jan-Feb 43. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. $20

T-314 Roll 764: XXVI Corps War Diary (Kriegstagebuch), Russia Jan-Feb 44
DVD with 828 images of daily reports concerning combat activities, casualties, anti-partisan actions, and attacks by Soviet ski troops, 5 Feb – 30 Jun 44; ration strength reports, evaluation of combat effectiveness, weapons available, and casualties, 29 Jan – 30 Jun 44; intelligence reports, 29 Jan – 3 Jul 44. $25

T-314 Roll 793: XXVIII Corps War Diary (Kriegstagebuch), Russia May-Nov 42
DVD with 1,849 images of interrogation of captured Russian agents, partisans, political commissars, May–Oct 42; information bulletins and charts showing the disposition of Russian units, 14 May – 30 Sep 42; operations war journal, 1 Oct - Dec 42; daily operations reports of subordinate units, 1 Oct – 12 Nov 42. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. $20

T-315 Roll 110: 2nd Parachute Division War Diary (Kriegstagebuch), France May-Dec 44

DVD with 116 images of correspondence, casualty lists, and identification tag numbers, 5 May – 4 Dec 44. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. Very short roll. $5

T-315 Roll 2235: 702nd Infantry Division War Diary (Kriegstagebuch), Norway Apr 41 – Dec 43
DVD with 1,022 images of war diary concerning formation of the division and movement to Norway, a register of officers, order-of-battle charts, and directives concerning subordinate units, Apr-May 41; reports concerning defenses against enemy landings, acts of sabotage and espionage, coastal defense, counter-intelligence, exercises, air raid protection, combat and ration strength reports, and reports concerning the activity of British Commandos, Apr-Oct 41; orders and reports concerning coastal defense, security, formation of new units, re-designation of coastal artillery units, tables of new tactical symbols, order-of-battle charts, and maps with division units, Oct 42 – Aug 43; activity reports concerning coastal defense, air raid protection, construction of strongpoints and coastal defense positions, and changes in armament, Sep-Dec 43. $25

T-321 Roll 19: Various Flak Command Files 1940-45
DVD with 1,348 images of a booklet concerning unit reporting in Luftgaukommando XI (Hamburg / Hannover), Nov 41; booklets concerning the operations of heavy and light Flak batteries and search light batteries, Mar 40; operations war diary of Luftflottenkommando 6 (Eastern Front), including defense of the Oder Rover bridges, Mar-Apr 45; war diary of Flakregiment 25 (Hamburg / Hannover) with administrative and training reports, 1941-1942; war diary of Kampfgruppe zur besonderen Verwendung 5 (Eastern Front), Sep–Oct 42 and Feb-Sep 43. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. $20

T-1022 Roll 1836: Naval High Command Naval Mine Equipment Files 1936-39

DVD with 1,050 images of files concerning naval mine equipment, types of mines including the development of aircraft laying mines, mining operations such as in the Danube River, Oct 36 – Dec 39. $25

T-1022 Roll 1837: Naval High Command Naval Mine Warfare Files 1935-44
DVD with 966 images of files concerning mining requirements for warships, various types of equipment installed on mine sweepers, sub-chasers, and fishing boats converted to auxiliaries, Dec 38 – Jan 39; studies regarding mine warfare, 1935-38; test of U-boats as mine layers, and mining tactics and methods of laying mines, Nov 38 – Mar 40; tactical instructions for mine laying operations, Mar 40 – Apr 42; mine sweeping of the Danube River Volume 1, May-Jun 44. $25

T-1022 Roll 1838: Naval High Command Naval Mine Warfare Plans 1936-41
DVD with 1,285 images of documents concerning mine sweeping of the Danube River (Volumes 1 & 2), May 44 – Jan 45 (note, volume 1 the same file is that is on roll T-1022 R-1837); documents concerning the use of mines in a war with France: tactics, types of mines, U-boat mining, etc., Nov–May 1936; documents concerning the use of mines in a war with Russia: Russian mining methods, suitability of Russian waters for mine warfare, harbor defenses, and defensive mining, net and boom defenses, etc., 1935-1941; documents concerning the mining methods in North Sea, harbor defenses, defenses in case of war with England, etc., 1936-1939. $25

T-1022 Roll 2272: Naval Fleet Command Mobilization Plans & Methods 1937-38

DVD with 1,033 images of documents concerning radio, listening and communication equipment including information on codes and coding machines, mobilization plans and methods for arming ships, minefields, and protective measures for airfields and aircraft, 1937; various documents on equipment, the Spanish Civil War, Baltic Sea War plans, methods of combating sub-chasers, fire-control equipment on new destroyers, coastal defense plans with battery plans and charts, Flak battery plans with anti-aircraft measures for harbors, and communication methods, 1938. $25

T-1022 Roll 2278: Naval Fleet Command Plans 1928-1932
DVD with 1,075 images of documents concerning planned armaments, arming of fortifications, operating bases for the Navy, the ship-building program in case of mobilization, armament of coastal fortifications against sea attack, Dec-May 1928; development of a high-speed mine sweeper, a new type of search light, the accidental sinking of the British submarine “M2” in 1925, the function of fighting forces in the case of internal unrest, the use of battleships and artillery against the French Navy, 1931-1932. $25

T-1022 Roll 2279: Naval Fleet Command Armament Files 1931-33
DVD with 1,079 images of documents concerning mine laying equipment, the supply of torpedoes and fog making machinery for naval bases, radio communication equipment, the armament of S-boats, radio intelligence code for the navy, artillery for new cruisers, description of the torpedo boat “S-1”, armament of R-boats, camouflage of torpedo equipment on S-boats, 8.8cm Flak ammunition, operation of the naval air force in protection of the fleet, the supply of aircraft and the training of personnel, and the coordination of aircraft and ships, 1931-33. $25

T-1022 Roll 2695: Naval Group Command East Files, Denmark 1940-43
DVD with 1,064 images of signals and correspondence concerning defense, radar, transport, and administrative matters in sector of Western Denmark, Jan 43 – Mar 44; officer promotion and training documents from Naval Command Denmark, Apr 40 – Sep 42. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. $20

T-1022 Roll 2705: Naval Command Norway Various War Diaries (Kriegstagebucher), 1940-45

DVD with 741 images of war diaries of Commander, Sea Defenses Drentheim, Aug-Sep 40 (includes description of coastal batteries), Apr 42 – Dec 45; Special Minelaying Unit, West Coast of Norway, Jan 45; Coastal Defense Section Aalesund, Mar 44; Naval Officer in Charge Trodheim, Apr 40; Commander of Inshore Defense Units, North Coast of Norway, Jan 43; Admiral Norwegian Polar Coast (report with battle sketch of attack on a convoy near Lafjord), 24-25 Sep 44; Admiral Commanding Norway (includes battle report of British attack on Raaloz, 27 Dec 41), Apr 40-41. Short roll. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. $15

T-1022 Roll 2714: Naval Command Denmark Various War Diaries (Kriegstagebucher), 1941-43
DVD with 1,078 images of war diaries of the Admiral Western Denmark with entries about Allied air attacks, planes shot down, damage and casualties, Flak defenses, use of captured aircraft, and Prinz Eugen experience on anti-aircraft defense, Apr 41 – Oct 41; Commander of West Coast of Denmark with entries concerning air defense (includes information on the German’s first encounter with the “new-type” British Mosquito airplane), Aug 41 – May 43. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. $20

T-1022 Roll 2717: Naval High Command Norway Various War Diaries (Kriegstagebucher), 1941-42
DVD with 1,072 images of war diaries of Commander, Sea Defenses Rolde, Jul 41 – Dec 42, and flotillas under command of the Coastal Defense Section West Coast of Norway, Jun-Dec 41. This roll was digitized by Digital History Archive. $20

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Free Digital 1941 Eastern Front Map Atlas Give Away

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I offering a free digital copy of a map atlas published by the German Army General Staff in 1942 titled "Der Feldzug gegen Sowjet-Russland: Band I. Operationen Sommer-Herbst 1941 vom 21. Juni - 6. Dezember 1941." The atlas contains 121 color daily situation maps showing German and Soviet unit positions on the Eastern Front from 21 June to 6 December 1941. Each map is 5-6 MB and the entire collection is 7.66 GB. The image posted here is a low-res crop of one of the maps.

To receive this map atlas email me at and I will send it to you electronically via

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