Role of the Islamic World in WWII

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Re: Role of the Islamic World in WWII

Post by Texas Jäger » 28 Apr 2020 23:33

What was the one that served in Italy?

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Re: Role of the Islamic World in WWII

Post by SloveneLiberal » 20 Jun 2020 22:47

Grand mufti of Jerusalem helped the Nazis and the ustasha to organize SS Bosnian muslim division. It was used mostly in anti-partisan operations, but also in fighting against Soviet troops in Hungary. Division or its remains managed to move in Italy and surrendered to the British there at the end of war.
After the war hunders of former members of the division went to Palestine and fought against Jews there in Arab Israeli war. However 38 were extradited to Yugoslavia and were tried for war crimes specially against Serbian and Jewsih civilians during the war. ... _Croatian)

Also grand mufti was sending letters to European leaders advocating that they should not send Jews to Palestine but relocate them to Poland, knewing very well that genocide was going on there.

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