Looking for info on a Sub-Lt Cope

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Looking for info on a Sub-Lt Cope

Post by Rob Stuart » 17 Apr 2021 01:21

I am looking for further any further info which might be available on a Sub-Lt Cope, who was aboard one of the six Swordfish of 788 NAS which were shot down by Zeros during the 5 April 1942 attack on Colombo. His pilot was Sub-Lt C.T. Shaw, and their Swordfish was possibly V4398. Cope was reportedly an observer but during this flight he is said to have acted at the TAG. (Shaw and Cope were the only people on the plane.) Cope's initials have been given as I.E. in one source and J.E. in another. He was not killed, so he is not listed on the Commonwealth War Grave Commission site. He ought to be in The Navy List, but I can't find any I.E. Cope or any J.E. Cope in the last edition produced before the attack on Colombo nor the first one produced after it. Would anyone happen to have his full name?


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