Question on MRU photo

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Question on MRU photo

Post by Rob Stuart » 05 May 2020 15:33

Greetings from Ottawa,

A few years ago I wrote an article titled "Air Raid Colombo, 5 April 1942: The Fully Expected Surprise Attack". It can be viewed at ... l-2014.pdf, starting on page 33. I am currently writing a revised and expanded edition of it and plan to include the attached 1941 photo. It shows the interior of a van belonging to AMES 259, a radar unit equipped with the type of radar then known as a Mobile Radio Unit (MRU). (AMES stands for Air Ministry Experimental Station, a cover term for a radar unit.) Could anyone confirm if the following caption would be accurate:

This image shows the interior of the receiver van. The airman closest to the camera plots the contacts reported by the operators behind him and “tells” (reports) the plots to a distant operations room using the hands-free telephone set he is wearing.

Thanks very much,

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