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Post by jerryasher » 16 Jan 2020 16:21

This may be totally off the wall and reaches back to pre world war I and 1919--BUT--Japan ordered two destroyers in 1913 from Yarrow & Co., the Urakaze and Kawakaze. Urakaze was launched in February 1915 and "completed" on October 14th,but not delivered to Japan until 1919. Kawakaze, was sold /transferred to Italy on July 3rd, 1916. I can't imagine any ship being left idle during the war--let alone a 1.085 ton ship with or without armament. Japanese records do not commence until 1919. I assume she had a role in the war--special ops? radio? even training? Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Strange

Post by OpanaPointer » 16 Jan 2020 16:27

A superdreadnought bought by a South American country was never delivered. (Brazil?)

Construction of the new Kawakaze-class destroyers was authorized as part of the Imperial Japanese Navy's 8-4 Fleet Program in fiscal 1915. A large destroyer with long range, capable of providing escort to the new battleship Nagato and the two Tenryū-class cruisers were considered a part of this reduced spending naval program from the previous Eight-eight fleet project..

Although funding was authorized for only one destroyer, Tanikaze, the Italian government unexpectedly refunded Japan for its down payment of 870,000 Yen on the Urakaze-class destroyer Kawakaze, which had been transferred to the Royal Italian Navy before completion in England during World War I. These funds were used to complete a second vessel, which was also named Kawakaze.[2]

The references in that article should be helpful.
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Re: Strange

Post by Andy H » 26 Jan 2020 11:40


Not the best source but this Wiki article is interesting, if not for the fact the vessel was ordered by the Japanese, built buy the British, sold to the Italians and used by the Germans in WW2. ... ace_(1916)


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