French 55e, 61e and 71e DI problem

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French 55e, 61e and 71e DI problem

Post by Kelvin » 07 Jul 2021 06:59

Hi, everyone, when German broke at Sedan, crippling both 55e and 71e DI with 11e BM and 148e RIF, but many books just mentioned both divisions were in panic and escapted in chaos, then I see these both divisions help build many DLI like 17e and 230-240 series. So I want to know if in fact both divisions were not destroyed nor did suffer heavy casualties but only High Command was disappointed or angry at their inept performance and think their cohesion was total failure so prefered to disband them albeit they were not far from being destroyed like other divisions in Montherme or Dinant. ? Thank

Also most part of 61e DI was used for building of 241e DLI, same story like above ? Thank

Carl Schwamberger
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Re: French 55e, 61e and 71e DI problem

Post by Carl Schwamberger » 11 Jul 2021 15:11

As I understand the 'rebuilding' was based on a portion of the division cadre. The bulk of the infantry & supporting units were dispersed as replacements for other units.

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