label and Berthier rifle

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label and Berthier rifle

Post by Brady » 15 Dec 2020 18:04

I am trying to find a practical ROF for the label and Berthier rifle's ?

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Re: label and Berthier rifle

Post by Hans1906 » 16 Dec 2020 21:34

"Lebel" Model 1886 rifle:
"Berthier" rifle:

Almost all models of both rifles/carbines were offered, and sold in large quantities for very little money here in Germany as late as the 1970s.
The price for such a rifle at that time was less than 50,- german marks.

For example, the italian "Carcano" rifles and carbines, these were sold sometimes as a "special offer" for less than 20,- german Marks per rifle/carbine, if you wanted to order ten or more of the rifles, was unpopular "junk" at the time...

A good source for all this are the vintage german magazine editions of the "DWJ" ("Deutsches Waffen-Journal").
The magazines of that time were more than filled with such offers, every month, in large quantities...


P.S. Most german collectors back then, already focused on the german "Mauser 98" system.
Regardless of the subject, a rifle based on the Mauser 98 system would still be my first choice today, without question.

Our dear friends Anke and Lutz were together in the alaskan wilderness for one year in the 1990s, Lutz took two rifles with him,
a "Sauer & Sohn" so called "Drilling", and another 3-shot Mauser 98 system rifle from his father.
The Mauser rifle saved their lives, not only one time, the fancy "Sauer & Sohn" Drilling was interesting to the hunters there,
such a hunting rifle not known to the hunters over there...
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