Rifle Grenades for the M1917

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Rifle Grenades for the M1917

Post by FiveStars » 14 Nov 2020 20:27

The book Rearming the French by Marcel Vigneras, notes of around 167,000 M1917s being available by the time of Operation Dragoon in 1944, along with 47,000 M1903 Springfield rifles and an insignificant 740 M1 Garands. It also notes that by January of 1944, there were still no launchers for the M1917 Enfield - even though it was capable of accepting the VB launcher and the M2. As a result of this, the Free French were forced to retain M1903 Springfields which deterred them from standardizing on one single rifle. So my question to the forumites is - what is the situation post February? Did the Free French receive launchers for the M1917s, and if so, in what amounts? Are there any photos or documents that verify their use?

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