12 inch naval gun

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12 inch naval gun

Post by nastle » 20 May 2020 03:32

Technically this is not related to 1919-1939 period

but I had a question about the 12 inch gun used on Courbert and Danton classes of Battleships , in 1914 i.e start of WW1 what was the range and degree of elevation of this 12 inch gun on the Courbert and Danton class battleships ?


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Re: 12 inch naval gun

Post by ROLAND1369 » 04 Jun 2020 14:24

The 12 inch M 1906 gun of the Danton class had an elevation of 12 degrees for a maximum range of 13,500 meters. The 12 inch M 1906-10 guns of the Courbet class had an elevation of 12 degrees with the same 13,500 meter range.

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