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Post by OldBill » 17 May 2020 00:30

Many years ago, I came across a statement in a book covering the events of May/June1940 in France, where the French Premier asked Admiral Darlan if the French Navy could hold the Mediterranean ports in France to evacuate as much of the army as possible, and for how long. IIRC, Darlan replied he could do so for up to six months. I recall writing down the information, but God alone knows where it is now. Do any of you have any idea of which book this may have been in? It would have had to have been published prior to 2005, probably much earlier. It is possible I am misremembering this, but I honestly think I'm not.
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Re: Book Search

Post by Max » 17 May 2020 03:16

Lots of possibilities in this wiki article ... ell_1974-6
Perhaps you have checked them already
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