Books on French tanks off World War II

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Books on French tanks off World War II

Post by modelbouw nederland » 15 Jan 2020 14:53

Hello fellow forum members,

I'm doing research at the moment for a new scalemodelling project. And found the French an interesting topic.
And I've done some searching on Google in generals about the French World War II tanks. And got some indications of interesting tanks.
But I'm now thinking off wanting to get in the more specific and detailed part of my research project.
And for that I think that I will need some more specialized and more focussed websites to get the finer details and more specific info on.
I'm also wanting to purchase some books about the more detailed information about the French tanks off World War II.
And the details regarding to that. Do you know some good books to read about? I must also say that I do like most modern books.
Not old books that are written ages ago, if you can help me with that to. It would be great.

Thank you in advance,

modelbouw nederland

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