Franco-Japan Cooperation

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Franco-Japan Cooperation

Post by jerryasher » 29 May 2019 20:33

This may be the wrong board as it relates to World War I Franco - Japanese. I thought however that individuals with an interest in France might be of greater help than others and that someone looking at 1919 might have picked up on something earlier. Can anyone suggest a survey of Franco - Japanese relations during World War I? Arm purchases and deliveries, taking over German possessions and the Shandong Question at Versailles, Requests for troops to be sent to France? Ship building--the Arabe class destroyers and merchant ships, the movement of the 1st Special Russian brigade via Manchuria, the Czech Legion, the Siberian intervention etc. I can get by in French and have just finished Yves Tsao's "Les travailleurs chinois, 2018 by Presses Universitaires de Provence.

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Re: Franco-Japan Cooperation

Post by Sawpatin » 26 Nov 2019 13:14

This is slightly pre-WW1, but it might at least show you one of the precedents for Franco-Japanese cooperation during this period.

Japan during the early 20th century (and indeed up to 1945) was a popular destination for Indochinese anti-French revolutionaries. In Viet Nam at the time there was a movement known as the 'Go East Movement' (Đông Du), where Vietnamese intellectuals and revolutionaries were encouraged to travel to Japan for study:

The Franco-Japanese Treaty of 1907 involved both countries recognizing their respective "spheres of influence" in Asia, and encouraged cooperation between Japan and France in cracking down on Indochinese revolutionaries in Japanese territory: ... ty_of_1907

Cường Để was one such revolutionary who faced deportation under this Franco-Japanese cooperation: ... 0%E1%BB%83

Later, in the Showa period, Japan would show a more cooperative attitude to the Indochinese revolutionaries (or at least to the ones who were anti-communist and could be made subservient to Japanese war goals). But that's after the period you're asking about.

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Re: Franco-Japan Cooperation

Post by Loïc » 31 Dec 2019 05:07

Arm purchases and deliveries,
associated to the following thread:
Arasaki Rifles sold to France 1914
I have a citation that a shipload of Arasaki rifles, perhaps as a many as 150,000 were sold to France in 1914 BUT while the ship was still at sea, France agreed to turn them over to Great Britain and then the ship was diverted to a port in Great Britain and landed, perhaps in late January or early February 1915. From the dates--assume the rifles were on a French ship? Can anyone pin down this sale? September-October-November 1914, the name and date of the ship carrying them (...) The first ship I have possibly carrying Japanese arms sold to France was the Cordillere in the fall of 1914. Many thanks in advance.
only «50 000» for these ones

L'administration n'avait d'ailleurs pas attendu d'y être invitée pour chercher à se procurer des fusils par achats d'armes existantes ou par commandes données à l'industrie. Dès le mois d'août 1914, elle avait acheté au Japon 50.000 fusils d'un modèle déjà ancien qui, à la fin de 1914, furent rétrocédés à l'Angleterre, très dépourvue d'armes portatives.
Souvenirs d'un Directeur de l'Artillerie
Général Baquet 1921

Nos cessions à l'armée anglaise se bornèrent à (...) 50 000 fusils japonais et 20 millions de cartouches (...)
Mémoires du Maréchal Foch

Documents Diplomatiques Français 1914-1919
Jean-Claude Montant
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Re: Franco-Japan Cooperation

Post by Kelvin » 31 Dec 2019 12:19

Regarding Franco-Japanese cooperation, anyone have Information on Franco-Japanese Agreement of 1907 after confirmation of Russo-Japanese Agreement in the same year ? I only know France offered 300 Million Frances loan to Japan.

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